29 Jun

The Lone Seagull and I

I like the feeling of being alone, especially when fully immersed in nature. At this moment in time it was just me and a seagull.

In: in and around muskoka ontario, on the water

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  1. John Fortune says:

    nothing like rocks n trees !!

  2. Betsy Martens says:

    Wow, Ed! Amazing photo. What is EEB? Feel free to email me directly if you’d rather not share your technical tricks here, but it’s very impressive! It stands up to two full magnifications. At first I thought, “Where’s the seagull?” and then I spotted it, but without magnification it looked like it was in flight. Lo and behold, it’s sitting still, posing for you, perhaps. I agree with your comment about being alone. I’m a very social being, but I crave solitude to balance that.

  3. Ed Boutilier says:

    Hi Betsy – the EEB you are referring to his likely the file name EEB is my initials and it tells me what camera I took the photo with. This particular shot was taken with a Nikon D700. Many of my newer photos are taken with an iPhone because of the simplicity of having it readily available in my pocket. Also carrying a larger full frame lens on boats and Seadoos offer some challenges especially with vibration damaging lenses. Having said that the iPhone shots are ok for posting on social media but when you want to blow them up on a screen or use for printing the quality suffers.

  4. Ed Boutilier says:

    Ha – thanks John!

  5. Betsy Martens says:

    Thanks! I totally agree about phone camera vs. fully packed photo bag with several heavy lenses, camera, etc. I have a fantastic (and very old) Fujica S2 that takes photo with amazing resolution … when it’s working. It goes on the fritz so often that I have finally given up on it, and it sits in my camera bag with my Nikon camera body, the model number of which eludes me at the moment. I just upgraded my Samsung Galaxy S6 (!) to a Samsung S21 + 5G, which is great but not the very top of the line. Guess I’m getting stingy in my old age!

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