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About MuskokaBlog and Ed Boutilier

 I’m a successful entrepreneur who recently exited from business life to travel and explore my creative interests. I enjoy spending time at my cottage on Lake Joseph in Muskoka.

I am the founder of Stealth.com, a company I poured my heart and soul into for almost 25 years. Starting with almost no capital I was able to build Stealth into a globally recognized leader in the industrial computer marketplace. Stealth was acquired by a large public company in 2015.

My interests are wide ranging from being a fine wine enthusiast, photographer, hockey and martial arts fan, techie, audiophile, art collector, traveler and amateur radio licensee holder; VA3EB.

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Photo Use
Feel free to share my photos with friends, on Social Media, wallpaper or print them off and hang them on your fridge if you so desire.  If you use my photos on your Blog or a non commercial website I would appreciate if you could acknowledge with a Link back to this Blog.

If you are interested in using photos for commercial purposes such as in a magazine, newspaper, part of your website design or to promote a business then please contact me to discuss a licensing fee. I should note that every single penny earned from my photos has been donated to charities that support children.

I hope you get out and and discover the beauty of Muskoka.
Rock On!

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  1. John Brooke says:

    Hola Sr. Eduardo,

    Nice and icy crisp presentation, more like a web site than a normal blog. Camera work is very professional and I can’t get over how you managed such sharp clarity using so few kb’s. The live traffic feed counter is a very nice touch, as is this easy to use form. Very informative and interesting concept.

    ¡Mucho aplauso!

  2. sharron Brock says:

    Always love reading your blog, and especially love your photos!

  3. CLL says:

    Great Blog. Great to see and read through others when we cannot be there on a regular basis ourselves. Looking forward to more fall colors and boathouses!

  4. I visited Muskoka for 10 days in August and travelled round and round and up and down every road & track – loved the place and the people.
    Hope to move there in the future.
    How do you get your photos inthat distinctive colour please.
    Michael Hayes – Scotland

  5. Ed. my name is Ron Stevenson and I was sent the picture you took of my 1961 Powercat boat with the Twin Mercury DR800 outboards on the back.
    I was up in my Outboard tent and wasn’t at the boat when you took the picture. I was in the tent and back to the boat several times during the day…sorry we missed you..
    I have other Funky fiberglassics with old motors that I have had in other shows.
    I have a cottage on Lake Rosseau, where all the boats(and the all the outboards hide). This year marks the 100th Birthday of Evinrude. We will be showcasing all Evinrudes from 1909 until 2009 at Gravenhurst in July.
    We are planning to have outboard displays at Cottage fest, Sportsman show and the Fishing show.
    Ron Stevenson IPPresident, Antique Outboard Club, Canada

  6. Shelley Kopys says:

    Hi Ed
    Great pics, we really enjoy looking at them. Can you share what software you are using. I just bought Adobe Photoshop elements that has some type of flouresent type editor and wonder if this will give me the same type of result? I am definately a beginner and would love just to play around with a few of our photos.

    Thanks much and keep up the great work!

  7. Tim Bristow says:


    Just got back from a Australia to this -10 temperature thinking ahead to the sunnertime in Muskoka and was inspired by your pictures . Great Work

  8. leslie says:

    these are great pics. It is great to see some of the history of muskoka. being a local and seeing how you have capture muskoka makes me proud.

  9. Michael Kuhn says:

    Your photos are absolutely amazing. Summer cottage fever had already set in. Now it’s worse, I can’t wait to get out there!
    Great job!

  10. Jack says:

    Very nice photos. I am curious as to the camera you are using and/or technique. Some of the photos look like multi-image high dynamic range compositions?

    Congratulation on great work!

  11. Mary Ann says:

    How wonderful I stumbled upon your blog. Just wanted you to know how awesome the pictures are. I was born/raised in Minett and lived on the Joe River. My parents, 24 years ago sold our house on the river and my carpenter father at 73 years of age personally built a new house kiddy-corner to the store. They rented the red and white ramshackle house for the summer while he was constructing his new home. It was in disrepair then. My father completed his home but passed away from cancer (which he didn’t know he had) only months after it was completed. My mother passed away a few years later and the house was sold. The last time I was in Minett my parents house unfortunately was in disrepair as well. I haven’t been to Minett for years. I only live in Bracebridge but the thought of Redleaves taking over the village is hard for me. I want to remember Minett as it used to be. A small tight-knit community that welcomed the regular cottagers in the summer. I consider Redleaves a blight and its too sad what has happened to this once quaint village.

  12. Nina says:

    I, too, happened across your blog accidentally and enjoy your photos very much. My family and I have cottaged in the area since the 60’s and I now live here so I’m very familiar with the places you’ve photographed. Great work.

  13. James says:

    Terrific shots. I would love more specific information on the photograph details (apeture, shutter speed, iso, etc). The depth of colour is remarkable. I look forward to seeing what comes next.

  14. Carol Merten says:

    Hello! Nice to see other bloggers of cottage life. WE are not far from you in Dorset. I am on a lake that is considered Haliburton Highlands. Ours isn’t anything special except to us, love the cottage

  15. Ed,

    First off, your website has stunning photo quality on it. I am also a great big fan of the Muskoka region and heading out there for Aug. long weekend.

    Me and my group of friends are hoping to take in the Kee to Bala experience with Sam Roberts. Do you know anybody that can get us tickets?

    We’d appreciate any advice or help you can provide. If not, taking in Bala, Ontario again is surely going to be a great treat.

    Cheers to cottage inspiration, Dan

  16. Mark says:

    I wanted to introduce or re – introduce you to CottageCountry.com – We have recently re-designed and launched the website and are attempting to build a terrific resource for cottage owners and renters. We have many innovate features on the site including ratings and reviews. Is there any way you could help us spread the word?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you very much,


  17. fred orchard says:

    Love the photo editing..is that a commercial software or one you have designed yourself? Very interesting blog…I`ll bookmark this site….
    5th generation “Bala-onian”

  18. Pat says:

    My daughter spent a few days in Muskoka this past summer and did not bring home photos like this, lol…these are amazing…a feast for the eyes. May I ask what type of camera you use and how do you achieve such vibrancy of color? I am going to keep an eye on this site. Thank you for sharing these on the web.

  19. Great site

    I have been living in Muskoka since 1957. My hobby is old postcard scenes of the area that are mostly pre 1950. I still like to see modern photos like the ones I have been viewing in here. Some areas I can compare from old views and now. Great site and I do hope you will be adding more in the not too distant future. Always enjoy views from Muskoka / Parry Sound


  20. Craig says:

    Fantastic pictures! I spent my summers growing up in Rosseau, so seeing what I know, through your artfull interpritation, is very cool.
    We own the farm as you head out of town – the one with the barn with all the old signs on it. Fell free to pull in and snap off a few shots! I’d love to see it on your site!

  21. Patricia Arney says:

    Loved the Balacade feature and would love to treat you to a few free games next time you are through Bala. Can’t promise another 50 years but 2010 for sure.
    Paul and I do love the place and would also like to share some other ‘pics’, both paintings and photos from over the years.
    Excellent photos of so much of what we all love about Muskoka. Thanks

  22. Just got sent your Balacade photo and have now discovered your excellent blog! Will definitely share. I could use some stealth for my web presence, but that’s another story! Great to see you celebrating Muskoka! I’m a permanent resident of Torrance and you just earned a coveted bookmark!

  23. John says:

    Fantastic photos! I wish I had taken every one. As a boy, I stayed with my parents at Keswick (Ferndale) in the 1950 & 60s, and at Glen Home (Marygrove)when it was operated by the ‘Love’ family in the early 60s. I took my wife to Keswick in the early 70s. Wonderful pictures …brought back many memories.

  24. Susan says:

    Found your site through a friend’s link. Lovely to see such beautiful pictures of my old stompin’ grounds.
    All the best from Down Under.

  25. Rev. Denise says:

    Love the photo you took of my Antiques Shop “Pipe Dreams” in Waubaushene! Stop by when I’m open & I shall give you a history of the building. Happy Travels!

  26. Really great photos Ed. I sent Muskoka.blog to my daughter in Australia and her and her husband were just fascinated. My daughter wonders why she ever left Canada. they love the water. Live near the ocean and have a big boat where they spend most of their spare time visiting nearby islands.

  27. Peter Langmuir says:

    As a weekend warrior at my parents’ cottage on Lake Joe since 1960, I can definitely say Ed that “You get it.”

    You also GIVE it; as a preserver of an old world that is slowly being lost to the McMansion Crowd who would not know what to do with a canoe unless it had an 8 burner stainless steel BBQ in it.

    We who grew up in Muskoka and know its every cove lament what is happening there and very much appreciate your refusal to record it.

  28. Nina Burton says:

    First of all, I have followed your blog for years and continue to love everything Muskoka as you do. We have cottaged here since 1967 and lived here since 1998. Recently, National Geographic named Muskoka as the #1 place to visit for a summer trip.


  29. Love the website, I really like seeing so many familiar places, keep taking and posting great pictures!

  30. Lauren says:

    Love your photos and your ability to capture some real hidden gems in Muskoka. My fiance’s family has had a cottage in Muskoka since 1984. We are looking to host our wedding reception at a unique, non-traditional, outdoor Muskoka location. We’d love to be able to do it on the family cottage lot, but there just isn’t enough space. I was wondering if you had come across any outdoor spaces in Muskoka that would lend themselves to becoming a picturesque backdrop for a wedding day/night.

    Any insight you may have would be extremely appreciated! Thanks!

  31. Joan says:

    Hello Ed,
    I wrote to you a long time ago. Have a history question for you. What I know is that Richard Penson was the first settler of Ferndale (1869), sold to his son, Seymour Penson, the renown artist, in1895. Seymour Penson was my great grandfather. My family owned the cottage properties across the bay until the 90’s.
    Do you know when the hotel property was purchased by Keswick and who owned it at that time? I am aware that Seymour leased said property to a fellow called Cope in 1916. When did Seymour sell the property and to whom?
    Ferndale is quite a place now, but then it always was.
    The Port Carling Museum seems to have incorrect information and I have been asked to pass on corrections re history of the aforesaid property.
    Thank you in advance,
    Joan McHugh

  32. Ed Boutilier says:

    Hello Joan,
    I’m sorry I don’t know the answer to your question. There is a group on Facebook called the Canadian Keswick Conference. I think there are people within that group,that could be helpful.
    Best regards

  33. Joan McHugh says:

    Thanks Ed,
    I’ll let you know if I find the info.

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