28 Jun
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Joe Islands

On occasion, I manage to perform a Cirque du Soleil balancing act by maneuvering my Jetski and taking photos at the same time. Driving towards the north end of Lake Joseph you will find  scores of fabulous islands reminiscent of  Group of Seven paintings.

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21 Jun

Diver Down

I was out for an early morning drive and discovered an early morning dive. Looks like they were giving a scuba diving course at the dam in Bala on the Lake Muskoka side.
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16 Jun


I enjoy wandering around discovering places that you normally wouldn’t get to see when visiting the Muskoka area.  I have been fortunate to meet a number of great people that have deep-rooted knowledge on the history of the area.

One of my connections brought me to this old secluded and abandoned place in the forest. I promised the owners I would not disclose the location as it is deeply cherished and private. Yup, secret Muskoka.  There appeared to be a tennis court here at one time which has long since been forgotten. This old bench is all that remains woven into the memories of Muskoka.

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12 Jun

Crane Island, Lake Joe

Last week (Weds June 9, 2011) we had quite a wicked storm roll through Muskoka. Many trees were uprooted and a few Lake Muskoka cottages and boathouses sustained severe damage. I talked with someone today who was without power for 3 days and another who couldn’t get out of their road for 2 days because of the amount of fallen trees.  It’s a different world up here.

This is a shot I took just before sundown on Lake Joseph looking  towards Crane Island. With the unseasonable weather there has not been many boats on the lakes or people around the towns. Its a bit quiet. Even the real estate market is much quieter compared to previous years. Its funny how the weather impacts our behavioral patterns.

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07 Jun


This old Jeep was pulled out of a shed in Muskoka. They were selling it at an estate sale. A young guy came by with a glint in his eye, a plan and a trailer.
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02 Jun

Still Standing

I noticed this old barn while driving down Brackenrig Rd in Muskoka. You wonder how it survives the strong winds and heavy loads during winter. I guess its a testament to the way things used to be built. Please click on the image for a larger photo

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