27 Dec

Transitioning into a New Decade

I’m taking a little break on the beach as we transition into a new decade. I’ve just come to realized that this Blog will be 12 years old. I certainly have not posted as much in the past few years as social media has been more available to share photographs on. Especially Instagram where I post one photo per day. Many people arrive here as a result of a search of a childhood memory or a particular place they have visited. I will endeavor to carry on the tradition of adding Muskoka content. Best in the New Year to all. 🙂

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13 Dec
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Ice Forming

The ice has started to form on the Muskoka lakes now. It is usually the barge and work boats that are the last off the lakes and I believe that has happened now. Things are growing even more quieter until the sleds get out on the trails.  Muskoka just had a 50cm dump of snow 2 days ago. Winter has indeed set in.

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