23 Jun

Muskoka Lakes Boathouses are in Full Swing

Its surprising how many new boathouses you will notice after the ice thaws. Building boathouses during the winter time is easier and also provides for employment in a time of year where everything is usually dead quiet. Muskoka is world famous for its boathouses. Here is an example of a new one going up on Lake Joseph as you head north out of Port Sandfield.

Muskoka Boathouse

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  1. Tara Casagrande says:

    Beautiful site. We pass this boat house on the way to Port Sandfield all the time. Love your photos. We just built a new boat house and I feel like we were incredibly overcharged by the builder. we are water access so I know that that adds to costs. Any suggestions as to where I can look to to either prove or disprove my case against our builder? Do not want to focus on the negative. we love this are. I was searching for info and stumbled on your site. Great job capturing what we love about Muskoka.

  2. David McGillivray says:

    Was wondering who the designer of this boathosue is? Looking to build a boathosue in the US and really like the look of this one.

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