05 Aug

Not Everyone has a Million Dollar Place in Muskoka

While driving just outside of Minett, Ontario in the Muskoka district I noticed these decrepit old buildings along the roadside. I haven’t been around the area long enough to know their history. I am sure all of these old homesteads will vanish over the next few years especially with the new Red Leaves Resort going in around the corner.

Okd house near Minett Ontario in Muskoka

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  1. Heather Beveridge says:

    This small home was the winter home of my father’s aunt and uncle, Harry and Edith Waters. They had a big farmhouse on Little Lake Joseph and as they grew older they decided to spend the winter in Minett. I believe it still belongs to the Waters family.

  2. Jan says:

    This property no longer belongs to the Waters family. It has long since been sold
    and unfortunately has been let go to ruin.

  3. My wife and I rented this house from Harry back in late 70s for a year. It was a long cold winter there but we we young.

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