23 Sep

Interesting Boathouses on the Muskoka Lakes

One of the most striking things you notice when visiting Muskoka are the many types of beautiful boathouses. They vary from rustic to charming to grandiose architectural styles. Many of these boathouses feature beautiful sitting rooms, bathrooms, exercise rooms and grand bedrooms. Sometimes driving past you can get a peak at the prized Muskoka antique boats like the Ditchburns, Minette-Shields, Dippys and Greavettes etc.

This photo is of a boathouse on a Lake Rosseau island. It appears someone really loves his sailboat.

Muskoka Boathouse

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  1. Heather says:

    My husband and son work a great deal in the Muskoka area and they often comment on the size, style, etc of the boat houses they see…this one is very unique indeed…sale boats can be very special :0)


  2. I will have more boat houses to follow. There are hundreds of shapes and sizes around Muskoka and hope to post a few more interesting ones. Last week I was driving up Lake Rosseau and noticed a boathouse that had a built in observatory for a telescope.

  3. This boathouse reminds me of the tall ones with raised roofs which were designed to accommodate the stacks of steamboats.

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