14 Jan

Strip Searched to the Bones

I am not sure if there were any recent boxing day sales on barn board. I noticed this place on Highway #27 just south of Nobleton, Ontario has been slowly picked apart like a turkey dinner exposing only its bones. Remember these images are scaled down to 72DPI and are only about 60k in size so they do not reflect the true quality of the photo. Clicking on the image will bring it up to 1280 resolution but still I wish you could see what I see in extreme high resolutions.

Click the Image for Farmer John Size

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  1. Heather says:

    I wonder what the barn board was used for?
    They should put it out of its misery!

  2. Gerald says:

    That is a gorgeous looking sky behind the barn.

  3. Barn board is fashionably recycled in modern homes and condos… I knew the family that owned that farm 20 years ago and the one to the south of it too. I wonder if they are gone?

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