04 May

Let the Cottage Season Begin

There are signs of life in Muskoka as we approach the May 24 (Victoria Day) weekend which is actually on May 18th this year. Many birds, frogs and night crawling creatures as well as a few of the Homo Sapien varietal are scurrying about.  I have not seen any signs of the dreaded black flies as of yet but have heard they are out there.

I was a little slow on the draw trying to snap a shot of the two ducks that took off in this photo however they left some nice rings in the water. Please click for a larger size

Click the image for a larger size

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  1. Heather says:

    Love this shot Ed…looks very inviting!

    Our ice finally left April 27th…seemed like for ever…not really I know!

    I’m now hoping for very little rain as the lake is very high for this time of year and we still have much of the spring run off to go…flooding is expected! I’m sure we will be fine but other shorelines won’t be…

    Enjoy your day…

  2. Jennie says:

    This is a lovely scene and I think I prefer seeing the rings in the water. My imagination can fill in the rest and I am thinking that Buffleheads were there! The blackflies are out here with a vengeance now. They made their first appearance late last week but they are biting and really in your face now.

  3. gerald says:

    o yes i love those concentric rings that tell of movement

  4. jamie blair says:

    hi there. your photo of sunbeam island is really sullivan island. sunbeam is 1 mile south of this one.

  5. Muskoka says:

    Hi Jamie,
    Thanks for the correction. I must have got my wires crossed as both islands were for sale last year. I better check my charts next time. Sounds like a good excuse to go back up and scope out the real Sunbeam Island – cheers! – Ed

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