25 Jun

Feels like Summer – Finally!

Its starting to feel like summer has arrived – finally!
This is the interesting and ever changing antique shop up in Rosseau, Ontario.
Please don’t forget the Rosseau Market is open every Friday starting July 03 and until Sept. 04, 2009. If you have not checked it out I would highly recommend it.

Please click on the image for a larger size

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  1. Heather says:

    I love antique shops like this…I could look for hours!!!

    My daughter and I look forward to the opening day of the Rosseau Market next Friday…my grandson even asked me a week ago when we start…he just loves being there! :0)


  2. Jenn Jilks says:

    Isn’t this a great store?!

    I love the markets. You can go to one every day of the week – just about!

  3. Craig says:

    The antique store is getting a facelift. New foudation, sidewalks, and siding. …unfortunately, they are not going to let Mike hang his signs back up when it’s done. :o(

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