06 Aug

Mother Nature and Human Nature Brings Tragedy in Muskoka

Its been a very tragic time in Muskoka this past week. There have been at least five drownings and an airplane crash that claimed the lives of two people.  Its unfortunate as people were out enjoying the majestic beauty of the area when disaster strikes.

The recent rains have caused the rivers and streams to move at a very fast rate. Although the falls look soothing, beautiful and inviting its very deceiving on how powerful and dangerous mother nature can be.  Most of the drownings were a result of swimming near very dangerous waterfalls.

The photo below was taken last week in Bracebridge.
It gives you an idea of the dangerous volumes of water flowing through the region.

Please be careful!

Bracebridge Falls

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  1. Jenn Jilks says:

    Amazing shot! I walked into Bala, and took some video and photo of the water rescue. So sad. And preventable. Sitting here, I can hear more sirens. I feel so badly for the family, but the EMS crews are working so hard, it is very difficult for them, and their family members, too.

  2. Heather says:

    In this shot the water looks fierce…such terrible tradgedies, for so many…in so many ways!!


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