23 Sep

Bat Boy to the Rescue

I stood in the yard and watched them come out in groups of 10 or 20 at a time like Stealth bombers all heading off to war. We eventually discovered there were hundreds of Brown Bats living in the cottage attic. This is not an easy problem to solve on your own so I picked up the Bat phone and called  Bill Bat Boy. Bill is a Biologist and renowned expert on Bats. He was able to get the Bats to dump the cottage attic for a new swanky Bat condo and cleanup up the guano. (yup, Bat poo).

Brown Bats can eat up to their own body weight in insects per night so its not a bad idea to try and keep them around.  Bill Bat Boy installed two of these cool Bat houses at each end of the cottage. Its been quite a few years now and we are happy to report that there are no Bats caught in peoples hair nor are there any vampire like marks on visitors necks.

Bill Bat Boy has some interesting information about bats on his website.


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  1. Heather says:

    I think many people are still afraid of bats…old habits are hard to get rid of!!!

    I like your Bat house :0)…there is a fellow at the North Bay Market who sells Bat houses…his look more like bird houses but as long as they work looks aren’t important!

    I checked out Bill Bat Boy’s website…great info on the site!


  2. I love bats! Now you’ll get to enjoy them!

  3. Jennie says:

    Oh my … we experienced this for the first time this summer. The brown bats got into a wall and established a nursery. They are gone now and the tiny little hole is sealed along with any others we could find, and we have 3 bat condos installed in different parts of the yard now.

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