21 Feb

Sponsored by Nobody?

Over the past couple years or so I have had many people mention that I should offer prints of my photos.  As much as I love blogging and taking photos of the Muskoka region it really is not my goal to try and capitalize on this type of thing. In spite of the decent traffic this site gets from people like you, I really have preferred it to be sponsored by nobody. I like to try and keep things pure and simple.

However, then I got to thinking that maybe there is a way to help people through the CottageBlog. Perhaps a few Ads, banners or affiliates wouldn’t hurt anyone and could help a kid go to camp or assist another charity? Its just an idea for now so we will see where it goes. I am blessed to have had a very successful career and one of the things you realize is that giving back is so important with the little time we have on the planet.

Now, having said that .. I have to mention a cool service I discovered where you upload your own photos and have them reproduced on canvas.  I have used this service from canvaspop and have been extremely happy with the cost, quality and delivery time of prints big and small. You can see a couple of my Pics reproduced on canvas below.

If you are interested in having some of your own photos printed I would highly recommend these guys. And no, they did not pay me to say this however they did provide me with an affiliate link that would pay a small commission which is where the charity part would come in if people used it. Your feedback is appreciated.

CanvasPop- Turn any photo into art.

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  1. Jenn Jilks says:

    I have wrestled with this one, Ed. I’ve had a lot of offers. I decided that I can best advocate for muskoka, my love of its wildlife and nature, by refusing to put on ads.

    I find, in visiting other blogs, it most irritating wending my way through those ubiquitous Google ads (which made me 18 cents the month I tried it!), and this means that I can recommend restaurants, locations, events, with impunity, and no bias.
    Some of my best friends are local artisans, resort owners, and I want to keep it that way!

    When you see the number of people trying to make a living, living in Muskoka, you can appreciate that tourist dollars should go to them, as well.

    The Americans have just created a law (See my FTC postthat bloggers must indicate if they make money off of their blogs, or if they are sponsored to give reviews. It scared the text off of my US-based book review club!

    I would prefer to enjoy your photos for their own sake.
    / my 2 cents!

  2. I’m not familiar with canvaspop but I have had three canvas prints done at Cavalcade Color Lab in Huntsville and they are stunning! I understand why this company chooses ‘pop’ in their title because canvas makes the colours really pop. I have more people commenting on these photos than anything else I have in my house. The original photos were Ok, but when mounted this way they take on a life of their own. Hands down, best way to mount a photograph.
    On the ad issue: I think what you’re doing is a great idea because you’re helping charity. Awesome!
    I still think, though, that you could have a summertime art show up here and sell a LOT of photos and turn that money into a substantial donation to someone.
    It’s your work that people (like me) admire, not just the framing! Your photo of the Seguin, above, is so beautifully painterly. As per!

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