03 May

The Old Boathouse in Harbour Bay, Lake Rosseau

This property came on the market recently and I was curious about it so I did a drive by.  The old boathouse is approximately 100 years old and is located in  Rest Harbour on 275 feet of Lake Rosseau shoreline. There is a newer single story boathouse beside it and directly across the road is what appears to be an old farm (46 acres in all) with the barn still barely standing. There is a newer house and some older out buildings as well. I’m not sure of the history of this place however I bet it will be bulldozed at some point for something new. It looks to be too far gone although you never know. All this can be yours for a mere $985,000

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Please click on the photo for a large sized image of the old boathouse

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  1. Jenn Jilks says:

    A ‘mere’! You’re funny. I’ve photographed this one. Amazing how things grow old gracefully.

    I spoke to Wendy Gray about you yesterday at the Bala Bay. She says she loves your blog! Me too! 🙂

  2. Great shot, Ed. Do they not have to worry too much about ice damage up there? There’s not too much protection between the boathouse and the water’s edge.

  3. Deborah says:

    This “dry” boathouse is on property that is part of the free grant purchased in 1884 by Ralph Judd. The boathouse was built in the 20s. The property was a farm and a resort called Rest Harbour and thrived until the late 60s. Until the 40s when the owners children started attending a school that required bussing, the farm and the adjacent one (where Ernscliff was) were only accessable by water. The cart path (where the current road is), was used for ox carts when supply ships docked at the site of the newer boathouse in the background (my boathouse)to haul supplys to the two farms. In the winter, everything came over the ice.

  4. leslie carr says:

    that would be an awesome place to restore. right on the water!!! sure wish i had the money and time. so much heritage.

  5. […] all that remains of a farm in Rest Harbour on Lake Rosseau in Muskoka with the exception of the old boathouse across the road. The land, “owned free and clear to the waters edge” was originally deeded to the […]

  6. Evan Slater says:

    My name is Evan Slater, I work for a Muskoka custom builder as a carpenter. I am fifth generation born in Muskoka on my fathers side, and am a bit of Muskoka history buff! I love the history of our boat houses, cottages and resorts, and believe that much action should be taken to preserve that history.

    I personally feel that the price that is listed for this property is outrageous. the amount of capital it would take to renovate the house back to its original state, would be tremendous. The house across the road from the boathouse, needs to be bulldozed, and the barn is ready to fall down. The old dock is in need of being completely rebuilt, and the newer boathouse is poorly constructed.

    I guess, in the end, it will get bulldozed, and some rich millionaire (that personally doesn’t give a rip about our history) will build a monstrosity, where he and his family will spend two weeks of the year! if by some chance someone does want to renovate, and turn it back to its original condition, I’d love to be the carpenter who does it! my number is 705 571 5354!!!!! It is truly a beautiful piece of Muskoka!!!!! CHEERS!!!!

  7. Ren_G says:

    Wow. This old place was my family’s cottage in the early 90s. I was a pretty young kid, but I remember so much about it. We had a big dock on the water and a huge vegetable garden behind it. How interesting to see it now.

  8. joe goncalves says:

    this sure brings back memories, this was our cottage up untill 12 years ago. too bad the last owners did’nt keep it up. back then it was a beautiful place, we had the whole interior restored to original! and completely winterized. the only thing left was the exterior to complete, it looks like nothing has been done since the day we left.
    i hope whom ever buys this place can see the potential in it and bring it back too life, there aren’t many places like this left.
    i will really miss seeing our old cottage when driving by.

  9. Vivien Snow Rogers says:

    This year, in winter, the wonderful old barn of Rest Harbour collapsed under the weight of snow and ice – so sad. I shall miss it immensely, as will the Judd (kids) , Bob and Eleanor – I also miss them.

  10. Donald Judd says:

    Rest Harbour Resort was owned by Alvin and Marie Judd in the 1940s,50s,and 60s. The original resort bunt down sometime in the 60s I believe. Last time I was there in the 70s, the boathouse and dock was still intact. This boathouse in the 60s had 2 pool tables on the 2nd floor and canoes and other boats below.
    in the spring, Alvin Judd made maple syrup at a shed up by the barn, that collapsed…
    I’ve a fond spot for the entire area up there as I grow up very close to this spot in my youth…
    It looked much nicer in the sixties

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