31 May

The Magnificent Ferndale

Further eye candy on the lakes
This is the majestic Ferndale on Lake Rosseau in Muskoka. The site of the original Ferndale House as mentioned previously. I watched this place being built over the past two or three years. It attracts quite the boat traffic as it is one of the most grand of all Muskoka cottages on the big three lakes.

Please click on the image for a grandiose sized photo

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  1. leslie carr says:

    you can not get that size of cottage anymore with the restrictions. I do believe that this particular place is zoned resort, which is how the size got to be there and the boathouse size.

  2. Sean McClean says:

    Yes it is registered as a resort so peter gilgan can bring his friends up!

    There are always wild parties in the boathouse making noise around the lake. Oh well, big money partys big.

  3. Joan McHugh says:

    Hi All,
    My ancestors, the Pensons, were the original settlers in 1869 on the property.
    They lived in a log cabin on the other side of the bay, then built Ferndale House in 1885. Their son, Seymour Penson, rebuilt in 1895. It was sold in 1915.

    You may be interested in my book “Beloved Muskoka” -Diaries and Recollections of Elizabeth Penson – published 2009

    I have photos of original hotel if anyone interested.

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  5. Jonathan Hilborn says:

    My cottage is on Edith Island, which is directly across from Ferndale Bay. I used to go up that old watch tower and take pictures years ago before it got locked up. I have a few nice aerial shots over looking Edith island and Ferndale house if you’re interested. I could give them to you to spruce up and post on your blog. I don’t care about the photo cred, I just think they would look really nice on your site. Let me know. Cheers.

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