17 Oct

Bohemia Island, Lake Rosseau

The weather was cool but still warm enough to enjoy a seasonal boat ride without layering up too much. This is Bohemia Island on Lake Rosseau near Tobin Island not to be mistaken for North Bohemia which lies on the opposite side of Tobin Island closer to Juddhaven. I am not certain of its history however if its consistent with other Muskoka Islands I am sure it has a storied past.

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  1. Jenn Jilks says:

    I dreamed that I had a lake in our backyard here. Miss it, but not the citiots! I have a frog pond! 🙂

  2. Charles says:

    Just looking for pictures of this Island and I found this post, thank you for making a post about my families island, if you would like I could shed some light on history and the families that have cottaged here.

  3. Charles says:

    Love this little post, the island has been in my family since 1878. Would love to share some history if you’re interested.

  4. Ed Boutilier says:

    Hello Charles,
    Thank you for checking in. I would and I’m sure others would certainly love to hear some background on Bohemia Island. It’s amazing that the property has been in your family for well over a century.

  5. Stephen Devine says:

    Hi There,
    As a kid in the early ’70s, my family spent some time at a family friend’s cottage just across from Bohemia, on Tobin Island. The cottage owner was Rod Jackson (originally of Barrie) and he used to paint this on the rock by the boathouse: “RODIRWINET”.
    I’m wondering if anyone might have any pictures of this cottage and boathouse on Tobin Island.
    I can remember as a kid being told that a former governor of Bermuda (Richard ____) had a cottage close by. If I’m not mistaken one or more of that family would shuttle to and from their cottage via seaplane.
    Any information and/or pictures would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you!

  6. Brian Perry says:

    I was wondering if anyone had any information about the author algernon blackwood being on Bohemia island (I have also seen one report that he was on north Bohemia island, but these islands probably get mixed up in articles I presume)

    Thank you

  7. Gary Denniss says:

    As a local historian, i am quite interested in the history of Bohemia Island, especially pictures and materials about the Plaskett family’s early pioneering efforts. GD

  8. David Grant says:

    We are on the next island to Bohemia called Vacuna and bought the island from the Scaddings who were the same family who went out with the Plaskett’s from Port Carling in row boats to purchase Bohemia in 1876.

    We purchased Vacuna from the Scaddings in 1959. They were quite well known in Ontario, as John scadding was the first boy of Upper Canada College and one was the bishop of Upper Canada.

    when we bought the cottage in 1959 it hadnt been lived in for nearly 30 years, and we think left the cottage because of a drowning. The cottage was left as if someone had left in a hurry with all the magazines laying about and a row boat stretched across the living room. the boathouse had fallen into the lake with just the roof above water

    just from an interest perspective, one of our homes when growing up was also owned by John Scadding in the 1800’s.

    would love to hear more about Bohemia from Charles in his post above. I taught sailing for a short time to one of the people who lived on Bohemia in the late 60’s

  9. Ed Boutilier says:

    Hello David – thanks for your comments. I am familiar with Vacuna Island however was unaware of the interesting history of the Scadding family. I too hope that Charles will check in.

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