04 Feb

The Sled Factor

As I was cruising by the Bass Lake House restaurant on Hwy #169 last weekend I noticed the entire parking lot was crammed with snowmobiles.  I have been passing by here for many years and have never seen it so busy. I believe its got to be some kind of indicator so I have devised a new economic benchmark called “The Sled Factor” –  more sleds = better economy. The snowmobiles saw their shadows on groundhog day therefore its 10 weeks until ice-out 🙂

Please click on the photo for biggie size

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  1. leslie says:

    not bad prediction. I say 9 weeks. It usually goes out around April 15 give or take a couple of days

  2. Heather says:

    Yeh for The Sled Factor”…

    Winter can’t be over too soon for me…

  3. Buahahahaha! That is the funniest thing EVER! (“Snowmobiles saw their shadows!”)
    Must be a good restaurant if all those sleds are parked there.. OR it’s the only place open to trail riders. Have you been there?

  4. Jenn Jilks says:

    Dunno, Ed. With the smell and noise if it’s worth it?!
    It’s good to see them stopped and spending money somewhere, but the destruction of the roads, and the habitat.

    Anyway, I rant. Here’s a Shout Out!

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