29 Aug
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Sundowner on Lake Joe

Do you notice how the sun doesn’t seem to hang like it does in mid summer? I was visiting friends at the bottom end of Lake Joe and thought I better depart soon as the sun was dropping ever so quickly. So north bound I headed on my trusty jet-ski weaving through islands and little bays when I saw this little island with the sun veering through the trees. I stopped and snapped a few interesting scenes around the area and just made it back before dark. Please click for a large photo.

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  1. Kelly Hart says:

    My Uncle Harvie (Hart) dropped in to my Inn today for a short visit, promising to return in the near future. I mentioned to him how I had recently been frequently pondering obtaining his email address that I might get in touch with him to test out some of my current ideas for marketing my place to people of his demographic group ie active newly-retired people located within easy driving distance of Muskoka, who may find it a pleasant distraction, if not an enriching experience, to enjoy some quiet solitude, a lake cruise, the cavalcade of Fall colours, a plethora of cranberry products, a great meal, challenging golf, unhurried people, timeless scenery etc. etc. Not having time to discuss it with me , but promising to do so at a later date, the suggestion he left me with was that I check out “cottage blog.” I did and it has left me inspired! As an Inn owner I have long ago accepted my secondary position of tourism ambasador, knowing that it is in the best interests of myself and everyone else in this business to provide visitors with some reason to fall in love with Muskoka such that they make plans to return and then do so. The minimal commentary you supply with each picture allows it to truly be worth a thousand words, as the saying goes, and allows Muskoka to simply sell itself as the special place that it is.The people this appeals to will come and thereby Muskoka gets the visitors it deserves for the right reasons. I like that. Can I put a hyperlink to your blog on my website? Thank you. Kelly Hart

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