06 Sep
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The Artful Gardens

If you have a green thumb (or even if you don’t) I highly recommend you check out the The Artful Garden near Bracebridge. In the summer The Artful Garden features the work of 40 or more artists each with their outdoor and garden inspired work. Jon & Suzann Partridge have created a very unique place and are very cool about people coming in for a stroll. While Suzann tends to the numerous and mind blowing gardens, Jon is busy working as a gifted potter.

Please click on the photo for a cavalcade of colours and a plethora of pixels!

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  1. Deb from My Great White North was telling me how I needed to get my butt over there to check out the Artful Garden but, as usual, I didn’t get around to it. Again, I am reminded by your beautiful photo that I need to get over there. Speaking of over there, I hear I missed you at The Rock! Sorry, Ed! I really wanted to meet up – and get a pic of all our local blogging buddies together. Unfortunately Deb and David had to go, and so did me and my crew – we had a pot luck work party to go to in Huntsville. I was mentioning to Malcolm that it really behooves you to have a blogging party at your cottage sometime soon (!) Doesn’t that sound like a lovely idea? I promise not to sweat all over you like I did Malcolm, however. Poor Malcolm… talking to me must have been like talking to Sylvester Stallone in one of the Rocky movies…

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