02 Oct

A Little Tour Around the Bay

On the way back from Muskoka I decided to take the long way home and explore around Georgian Bay.  I drove through Victoria Harbour and Port McNicoll and I was immediately surprised at how quiet and depressed these towns seemed. At one time these port towns were alive and well mostly based on the shipping industry I would assume. Port McNichol did have a large development of high end cottage properties in progress however I heard its been slow to get off the ground.

My stomach was making funny noises so I headed towards Midland where I knew I could get something to eat. Midland is a much larger town with what appears to be a sound economy by the look of the many shops and groups of tourist at the waterfront waiting for boat rides. Wawa, Ontario has its Canada Goose, however Midland is proud to display their Trumpeter Swan. (with a bonus Seagull on its head)

After lunch I continued following the road into Penetanguishene or Penetang for short, a historical and bilingual town of about 8000 people. After this I got a little bit confused and ended up in Balm Beach. I had been to this little beach community many years ago in my youth and it looked exactly as I remembered it. As you drive the roads around Georgian Bay you see all kinds of interesting cottages along the white sandy shore-lines. Some are old rustic places and others are beautiful new four season homes. What struck me the most was how close they were to each other. Most places appear to be on fifty foot lots and some with multiple buildings jammed in. Everyone wants to get in on the beautiful beach action.

The final destination was the largest fresh water beach in the world, Wasaga Beach. The beach looked beautifully groomed with lots of white sand and rolling waves crashing onto the shore. The season is over and there were only a few people walking around. The town itself has grown much larger in size with many retirees settling in here. I highly recommend you take a tour to some of these places just to change it up.

Note – I have just returned from the Algonquin region and will post some of the Autumn colors very soon. As I left Muskoka this morning I don’t think the fall colours have quite peaked yet so there’s still time to get out and see them.

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  1. Jenn Jilks says:

    A grand tour, Ed. We’ve been travelling about SE Ontario and finding very depressed towns: Brockville, and Merrickville, with US-based conglomerates leaving.

  2. Amanda says:

    I teach in Victoria Harbour…and yes, it’s a sleepy little place to say the least. As for Midland’s sound economy…sadly many industries have left in the 8 years I have taught in the area.
    You really did take the scenic route home!
    Nice picture of the swan! 🙂

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