18 Nov
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Solitas Aloneness

I must admit I have not made it up to the cottage as much as I had planned this fall. It puts a little damper on the posting of current Muskoka related photos. I hope you don’t mind me filling in the gaps from within the perimeter of my stomping grounds.

I was driving up on the Niagara Escarpment yesterday afternoon and noticed this lone tree in a field. It was accompanied by an interesting stone wall about a metre in height that seemed to run forever. Although I didn’t have perfect light, I jumped the fence and setup my tripod on top of the stone wall.

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  1. Not Muskoka??? Oh, ok, Ed, I’ll forgive ya … especially when it’s such a pretty pic.

    By the way, I was down south (below Barrie, which is downright tropical for me) and I was stunned to see it was still summertime down there. No snow, no cold.. a beautiful day. In Barrie, though, the very hounds of blizzard hell were raining down on Bayfield St. Like I had just time-travelled a couple of seasons.

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