10 Mar

Endogenous Spring Rhythms

I don’t know what all the hoopla is about losing an extra hour of sleep when daylight savings time arrives. Perhaps just sleep an extra hour if your circadian rhythm goes out of sync.  For me its a welcoming sign that spring is near and the lakes will be opening up soon. I long for the warm weather, swimming, boating, BBQ, campfires, echoing Loons and good friends on the dock.


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  1. Omigawd, I agree. I’ve heard more whining lately about the time change than I care to listen to. I feel like saying, WAKE UP, PEOPLE! IT’S SPRING! Nothing better than looking at the clock tonight and it’s 7:11 p.m. and it’s not dark yet. It’s a miracle, that’s what it is. As always, I love your photos, dear Ed. That one looks particularly cold and sad, but the yellow paint brightens up the whole frame, just like daylight savings time does.

  2. RedPat says:

    I admit to a bit of jet lag today but it was nice to see it bright still at 6 pm! Won’t be long now until cottage time.

  3. RobertB says:

    Here, here! I cannot agree more. I’ve had enough of this stuff called snow to last me until next winter at least. Always love your shots of Muskoka and Haliburton. Can’t wait till summer to get back up and explore some of our favourite spots.

  4. James R says:

    I particularly like the old yellow boathouse in your picture, i’v got a nice historic boathouse on lake Muskoka to photograph, hoping to take it during the spring calm,

  5. Michelle says:

    That place was grey or green forever. It is the last of the old buildings. The old ‘MacDonalds’ general store burned down in the 90’s.

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