03 Apr

Easter Weekend Freeze-Out

I was up at the cottage for Easter and found that winter still exists in Muskoka. Two hours south in the Toronto area most of the snow has disappeared meanwhile snowmobiles are still buzzing across the lake up north. I chopped a hole through the ice to try and free a frozen bubbler and was surprised to see the ice is still about 8 inches thick. I predict the ice will leave about April 23?

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  1. James R says:

    I was up this weekend as well, i even managed to take some cool optical illusion photos as well on lake muskoka. i like the shot you took, and again you chose a cool boathouse to be in the foreground and it looks like an older one too judging by the cribs, i just love it. I recognize it from somewhere else, maybe one of your other photos or some other place on the internet???

  2. Ed Boutilier says:

    Hey James, you should share some of your photos on FlickR, Google+ or Facebook

  3. James R says:

    since i already had a Flickr account so i just uploaded a few photos that i liked, but i have allot more so i will upload more as time goes on, here is the address. http://www.flickr.com/photos/85538384@N07/ . i also use panoramio connected with Google earth, i think you may have seen them as well. but here is the address anyway. http://www.panoramio.com/user/3565815

  4. Ashley Fountain says:

    Check out these cute signs for the cottage! Cant wait for the nice weather to roll around 🙂 http://www.etsy.com/shop/loveoflumber

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