26 Mar
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Snow on the Ground, Ice Out & Cottage Life Show

Lots of talk as to when the ice will be out and concerns of flooding. One thing very noticeable on the Big 3 lakes is how low the water levels have dropped in anticipation of the spring run off. I don’t think I have ever seen it this low. With this years record snowfall I’m sure the pressure is on the Ministry to manage the levels very carefully. Here is an interesting chart published by Algonquin Park showing the accumulation of snow on the ground 2013 vs. 2014.

Don’t forget the Cottage Life show  this weekend March 28 -30, 2014 in Toronto.


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  1. Jane says:

    Interesting chart!

    On the weekend, we were at our cottage on Lake Muskoka near Bala, and water is down approx 3.5 feet from summer level. We’ve also never seen it this low.

    Snow is still knee deep in the bush but is melting esp. near the shoreline where the sun really gets at it.

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