11 Jun

Nail it!

I like to hire local companies and people when at the cottage. It may be trades, food or buying a new boat. I think its important to try and support the smaller local economies instead of bringing everything in from a large city. Lately there seems to be a growing trend of cottage owners who bring their resources in from out of town because they feel they are being ripped off or not serviced properly. This should be a warning sign for locals to step it up and service the people to a higher standard. Many do an excellent job however it takes a bit of weeding out to find the good ones.

Tip for the day.
Never trust your roofer when they say we swept your driveway for nails.


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  1. Don Hedger says:

    Most roofers today use powerful magnets not brooms to clear the nails on driveway as well as the lawn

  2. Ed Boutilier says:

    my roofers did use “powerful magnets” however after doing my own visual inspection I discovered many nails in my driveway and in the lake. It was carelessness and sloppy.

  3. Don Hedger says:

    Relative to hiring locally ~ it’s most difficult to find folks today that can do any job well.
    You almost have to get a signed contact & then that might not be enough ~ if there was one I always write in a % hold back after I get their proposal ’cause they will bump it up to cover the hood back!
    Then there is a case for starting job and doing your before they get to do 2 others at same time ~ watch for number of workers they have
    Cheers for now

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