22 Oct

Video – Flying Above the Bala Falls

Someone shared this beautiful video of Bala Falls with me. It was taken from a drone in and around the Bala Falls. You can see the Muskoka fall colors and the beautiful cascading waterfalls. I recommend you play it in full screen with the highest resolution you can.

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  1. Anna Kerr says:

    What a great share. I felt like I was flying too.

  2. Don Hedger says:

    This video of the Bala Falls is spectacular ~ this was done, as described, by a UAV for sure & its believed this video ( a media production company in Toronto ??) may have been done for mapping of terrain & possible engineering purposes for the Bala falls hydro project. This is not a simple camera on a model air device ~ this was done with a wide angle “fish eye” lens and the UAV must have been controlled ( very smooth & steady camera work ) by a Federal Approved operator ~ these UAV’s are used in surveillance of high voltage hydro transmission lines in some parts on Ontario.

  3. Amanda says:

    Beautiful! Back in the day when I worked at the LCBO there I used to walk over and have my lunch by the falls every day. The waster is so high, where I used to sit was under water.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Laura Bennett says:

    The village where I was raised (1952-1965) and the two water falls (dams for controlling the lake levels) ; we as kids use to sit in the water and slide down over the rocks into Moon River when the dam beside the United Church, was not open overly wide, plus I would paddle my canoe up into the falls until it was whipped around and swept back down into Moon River. Jumping off the railroad bridge beside the Bait Shop was a favorite sport as well. Great fun, wonderful memories

  5. Donna Bennett says:

    I spent many a summer with my cousins Bruce, Paul, Muriel(Lee) and Laura, aunt Ruth and uncle, Dr. Wilfred Bennett. I absolutely cherish every moment I spent on Moon River and Bala Bay (with my grandfather) Harold Bennett. I still visit today. Thank you for this beautiful and amazing video. I couldn’t cherish a better moment right now.

  6. W. Purkis says:

    Dr. Wilfred Bennett saved my Aunt Nicky’s life by performing an emergency tracheotomy in his office after she was run over by a boat. As I recall he had very recently taken an update course at the hospital in anticipation of such an occurrence.
    He was a wonderful man who was dearly loved by Bala and the surrounding community.
    The Bala Falls landscape is a Muskoka icon that is cherished by thousands of people from far and wide who return to bathe (physically, emotionally and spiritually) in its soul soothing waters year after year.
    See: http://savethebalafalls.com/ and join the fight to conserve it for this and future generations.

  7. Ed Boutilier says:

    Thank you for the update. Bala Falls is a Muskoka icon. Not every decision in life should be based on economic value.

  8. Cathie Grinnell says:

    I don’t get it. Why does it have to be this area and only this area for the power plant. Everyone talks about all the money that has been spent etc but no one says why it HAS to be this area only. If it is so annoying to you SREL why don’t you pack up your tent and go home!

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