27 May

The Iconic Muskoka Chairs

This is a well recognized scene when you visit Clevelands House on Lake Rosseau in Muskoka. Americans know them as the Adirondack chair however we refer to them as the Muskoka chair. You will see them on almost every dock or lawn throughout the Muskoka and cottage country region.


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  1. ELLEN PARDOE says:

    Ed- I finally (its been plaguing me a long time) figured out the difference between Muskoka chairs and Adirondack chairs. Muskoka chairs have a rounded (and more comfortable) front (the part that hits your knees) while Adirondack ones are straight and have no overhang. Just a bit of nauseating trivia that has bugged me for years….

  2. Craig Ariss says:

    As a former bellhop at Cleves (Summers ’88 – ’91) part of my job was to straighten these chairs and keep them in order by colour. …someone has these out of order!

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