01 Feb

My Top 9 Instagram Photos

Interesting enough my Top 9 Instagram photos for 2019 are all Muskoka related. If you want to connect on Instagram where I post one photo per day you can follow me at: instagram.com/edboutilier

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  1. You do take fabulous photos, between your iPhone and jetski!

  2. Jim Carlisle says:

    I follow your blog because my new cottage on lake Champlain is design influenced by Saarinen’s Llanwrst on Lake Muskoka.
    On Monday, I was in Costa Rica at a resort, and the lady sitting next to me at the pool said she lived north of Toronto. I asked naturally if she had heard of Lake Muskoka and she lifted up her carry bag, which had a huge Muskoka logo on it. She lives on the lake most of the year. Small world. Sorry, I did not get her name.

  3. Ed Boutilier says:

    Thanks so much Jenn 🙂

  4. Ed Boutilier says:

    Hello Jim,
    I have run into many people who know or have resided in Muskoka all over the world. The other day I was working out in a gym here in Hawaii when someone approached me after they noticed my Muskoka related t-shirt. You just never know. I remember you mentioning about your Saarinen inspired build. Incidentally Llanrwst is located on Lake Rosseau.

  5. jim carlisle says:


    Thanks for reminding me. I confused the District with the lake. I knew it was on Lake Rosseau. I really need to visit and understand the area.

    I viewed a few dozen of your photos on flickr. You are amazingly talented. Such scenes are why I love the Adirondacks and I might love Muskoka even more. Because Champlain has no dam, the water level varied as much as 6-10′ in a season, so there are no boathouses here, which I miss.

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