28 Apr

Missing Muskoka

Along with COVID19 guidelines the Ontario Government has recommended that people do not travel for non-essential purposes. Many families that own cottages as secondary residences have been asked to stay away until the curve of COVID19 cases flattens out. Although there is no actual law forbidding people to check on their properties people are asked to cooperate.  I am aware of quite a few cottage owners that are staying in their cottages, minding their own business and self isolating. Some live in large cities where there is a high density of people and feel much safer being in their cottage residences. I can’t say I blame them. Many of the local people are very upset with the influx of visitors to the area because there is simply not enough resources to support everyone. Especially if there were large medical emergencies to break out. I get that too. Personally I have not visited Muskoka in 2020 and I look forward to getting back when there are positive signs of this pandemic flattening out. Let us hope that we see some sort of normalcy and we get to enjoy our beloved place among the tall pines, beautiful granite and sparking waters in the near future.

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  1. Yes, those of us in cottage country would rather be isolated! The grocery stores have line ups, and when we go to get our precriptions it’s been tricky.
    I think people going to cottages think the rules do not apply to them.
    Traffic has been increased, people speeding, not keeping their distance in stores.

  2. Ed Boutilier says:

    There are lineups and tricky situations in stores and pharmacies outside of Cottage country too. I’m not sure why most locals in cottage communities think that they are the only ones experiencing these things It is a 2 week wait now for curb-side delivery of food in Caledon and most other suburbs of Toronto. Most of the cottagers that went to their places are simply seeking safe refuge for themselves and their families. It is their safe haven and I understand why they want to isolate there despite the fact they were asked not to. There is nothing for them to do but stay in and isolate themselves. Of course there has been reports of some that come in and buy cart loads of groceries but there are always a few bad actors.

  3. keith Relf says:

    Well get over it – cottagers pay for 95 percent of the taxes in Muskoka and their cottages are THEIR private property….so they have every right to be there whenever they chose. This isn’t Russia or communist China, we still (for now) have private property rights in Canada!

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