01 Jul

Webers, a Muskoka Tradition

Happy Canada Day!
If you have ever driven up Highway #11 to Muskoka you are sure to know about a Canadian tradition called Webers.

Webers Hamburgers Muskoka

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  1. T.Stager says:

    OMG!!! I visited Canada, stayed in Orillia for the Summer (2005), and this was a great place to eat. I love the burgers. Makes my mouth water just seeing the place! All of the pictures are beautiful. Canada is truly a beautiful place. Great memories there.

  2. Carol Merten says:

    Half of our meals were at Webbers in the summer. Paul was a friend of my Dads, so my Dad felt some loyalty towards him I think We all looked forward to Webbers! Amazing now with the bridge across 11.

  3. Anis Aywaz says:

    I went to Huntsville on July 24th. I made my traditional stop to eat at Webers. Had to wait a long time before I got my lunch. I tell you at $ 3.95 for a hamburger it is not worth it. They used to way make better hamburgers. The price has gone up but quality is down. I don’t think the guy who was cooking cared very much. I must say it has become a tradition to stop there on the way to the cottage. Next time I may break that tradition…

  4. Gabe says:

    Anis, where is your cottage? Do you even have a cottage?

  5. Carol McNabb says:

    We too ate at Webers on our way to the cottage as we do every year. The burgers still taste great and the price is still reasonable. Its something my kids look forward to every summer. Looking forward to next summer already!

  6. Connie Holden says:

    Love Webers! Great burger year after year! Loved it when I was a little girl, and now my boys loves it too.

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