22 Jul

Invasion of the Cormorants in Muskoka

If you have ever traveled down Lake Joseph in Muskoka by boat you may have noticed a very strange looking island. It could be a scene right out of Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds. This small chunk of land is in fairly shallow water and seems to be the home of a large colony of Cormorants. Its very creepy.


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  1. Denise says:

    Ed – excellent website, which I will be linking to in my post. I’ve just left the cottage and am now back in Toronto, I wish I’d had your intimate knowledge of the Muskoka area, not just for the WiFi tips but for everything else as well. Oh well, I know where to come for info for next year! D.

  2. That does look rather freaky, I assume by the mention of toxicity in the area that there was some sort of spillage, birds that die from contamination are a sign to healthy birds to not nest in that area, the return of the birds is deffinatley a good sign

  3. I don’t think it was a spillage problem. From what I understand it was mostly the pollutants in the great lakes that were in the water and the fish stocks over the years.

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