24 Jul

Muskoka’s Cormorant Bird Explosion

Here is a close up of the freaky cormorant birds that inhabit a small island up on Lake Joe in Muskoka. I have seen them on Lake Rosseau and Lake Muskoka as well. Apparently the double-crested cormorants were near extinction at one time due to the levels of toxic chemicals. The fact that they are coming back is a good thing even if they are creepy, eat lots of fish and destroy some vegetation. Some people think they came from another area however they are a native bird of Canada.

Information from Environment Canada Here

Comorants in Muskoka

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  1. Bill Morrison says:

    Ed ,This is a serious problem on east side Lake Simcoe,something will have to be done Bill

  2. Shirley says:

    Yes, it has become a serious problem on east Lake simcoe, there is a population boom that will outnumber other species of waterfowl, Mergansers and Loons. They are starting to inhabit areas where there are a few Osprey nesting sites, been there over 40 years and this is a real concern.

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