10 Sep
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Muskoka boat season, excuse me I am not done yet

Ok so its only September, I mean there’s no reason to pack up and leave yet although most have done so. Boating season still has at least 2 months to go for me and the odd other nut bar I see around the lakes. We are Canadians and we have to stretch it out as long as we can even if it does mean blue fingers and toes.

Lake Joseph Boats

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  1. Heather says:

    :0) lol…I agree with you Ed…wool socks, mitts, a heavy duty parka, a scarf and hat and you will be just fine…and I’m serious about that. When I was a kid we used to boat/fish in winter parkas, etc….I even remember my mother wearing an ancient beaver fur coat to keep warm…it was so much fun!!!


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