14 Sep

Cruising Through the Backroads of Muskoka

I did not know exactly were I was when I found this old 1942 Dodge sitting in a farmers field. Sitting across the road there was a small monument that said, The Hamlet Bardsville, Est 1865. There was a for sale sign on the fence so if your looking for a new set of wheels …


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  1. Heather says:

    This photo is priceless Ed…I love antique anything…


  2. Michelle says:

    LOL! We follow each other around it seems! I found this one last July, not far from the Big Red Barn. You were at the end of Butter and Egg Road….

  3. Muskoka says:

    haha- someday we will bump into each other Michelle. We have been so close a number of times – ed

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