14 May

Searching for a Hearth of Gold

I want to live …
I want to give …
I have been a miner for a heart hearth of gold

While driving down old highway #69 in Muskoka this time of year you can catch a glimpse of something through the trees. For years now I have been meaning to stop and wander through the bush to see what it is.

This fireplace is in remarkable shape considering there is no sign of any buildings being around. I assume there must have been a cabin here at one time but I’m not sure how they would have fastened the foundation as this is situated on a giant rock. Sometimes you never know what lurks only a few feet away.

Thanks Doctor C. for the tip

(Click on the image for a large size)

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  1. Heather says:

    What an amazing shot…I like the color combos and that blue sky is beautiful!

    Interesting the fireplace would be in the middle of no where…the surrounding area looks as though it was completely cleared…it would be interesting to know how they secured the foundation…


  2. Carmen says:

    I wonder who built it? I am told my grandfather Naish Fenn did a lot of stone work 🙂

  3. Berny says:

    Unlike you, I live in this wonderful place and it wasn’t until they cleared a spot for the on ramp onto the 400 that I spotted this gem, I had to stop! I often pass that way and see the tip of the chimney peaking over the rock and wonder who lived there, if I had more time I would like to explore that question but maybe when I retire!!
    Thanks for sharing your photos

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