09 Nov

North End of Lake Rosseau

Up on the north end of Lake Rosseau there is a cool looking boathouse and old house or cottage up on the rock.
It appears they have been rebuilding the house/cottage for the past few years. Not sure of the history.
Just a quick snap while passing by.

Please click on the photo for a large shot


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  1. Jenn Jilks says:

    Looks like an old building. Did you see the construction near Bala? AN old cottage taken down, new one being built on the spot? They are moving boulder like mad. Can’t wait to see the finished product, mind you no barriers to prevent silt from spilling into the culvert, but the township says it isn’t their problem, it’s the MNR’s issue!

  2. Susan Smith says:

    I came upon this site as a friend told me our property was in it. It is indeed an old farmhouse built in 1877 for Benjamin Beley and his family. It was a large home with numerous fireplaces and outbuildings that took several years to build. Coming from England, the Beleys were one of the first settlers in Rosseau. The property is at the very top of the lake and therefore “Ferncliffe” as it was known and still is, was once used as the light to warn mariners before the lighthouse was built.
    Awesome job on all your pictures!

  3. Michelle says:

    That is so cool…

  4. Craig says:

    The old Beley farm. A big piece of property, and about the best view on the lake. We used to jump off the rocks when we were kids.

  5. Logan Ellout says:

    Hey i just thought I should leave a bit of feedback as i very much likeyour site its so interesting, keep it up!

  6. John Lake says:

    The old Beley farm house was where my Uncle Oliver Beley was raised. My cousin Mary still lives on the property next door. I have visited the location over the years many times. A great piece of property to say the least.

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