16 Dec

Snowed Out

Well I must confess I missed the big blast of weather in Muskoka this past week.  And you knew we were eventually going to pay for the fair weather autumn we enjoyed. Not one to normally shy away, I started on my way up north and then heard the road closure reports.  Muskoka and area received a 100cm or a 3 foot plus dumping within a couple of days. Many roads were closed down so I decided to stay back. I guess I was snowed out. I monitored a few blogger friends like Jenn Jilks and her very informative MyMuskoka . Jenn was right on top of things providing pics, video footage and great commentary.

Here are a few more links to news articles about the Muskoka weather

Bracebridge Digs Out

Cottage Country Digs out from a Full Metre of Snow

Muskoka Furry Winds Down


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  1. Jenn Jilks says:

    Thanks for the Shout Out, Ed! People were fabulous! We still have people without hydro, mostly where the dump was worst (Minden = 140+ cm). I had to go shovel out our Meals on Wheels client, as hubby was going to deliver. It’s fine if you have the driveway plowed, but the sidewalk… 🙂
    The main roads are good, the side roads OK. But there are many cottages that do not have winter snow removal. The contractors are a week behind with ‘regular’ contracts.
    P.S. Still snowing! Just a skiff!

  2. Heather says:

    Wasn’t that something last week…we had snow as well but nothing like Jenn had…

    As you say we had to know that was coming…hard to take though!!!
    Love the clouds…

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