21 Dec
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Boy oh Buoy

Most of the small lakes are frozen over now and the shorelines of the large lakes have started to show coverage as well. Of course its way to early to walk or take the sled on them however you know someone will try. The amount of snow around the Muskoka area in unbelievable. The old timers say there has not been that much snow in December since the 1930’s


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  1. Jenn Jilks says:

    Environment Canada we were expecting 80cm by Saturday.

    “…eight centimetres more than the Muskoka area’s average snowfall for the entire month of December.

    More than 50 centimetres had fallen this month before the snow squall hit, and the previous single-day snowfall record for Huntsville – 54 centimetres on March 4, 1985 – was smashed.”

    Do you want to bet we get this again?! You drive safely, Ed!

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