04 Aug

You Go First

If you take a close look or maybe click on this photo to enlarge you will see three young guys standing at the top of this 60 foot granite cliff in Burnegie Bay on Lake Joseph. I watched them scale the rock and then proceed carefully to the edge. For the next 15 minutes they negotiated back and forth as to who would have the guts to go first. Finally, the young dude on the far right stepped up and did a full gainer into the lake below followed by a loud yelp of joy.The other two jumped right after with similar cries of victory. Would you take a leap off this rock?

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  1. Jenn Jilks says:

    Not me! I used to go bridgin’ in Bala, but I’ve learned…
    That said, the new OPP Chief has opened his big mouth and blames lack of patrolling for the 57 drownings this summer!
    OPP could help prevent drownings: so says new chief
    Sure! If the OPP could be a presence on every lake in Ontario… With thousands of OPP officers, and millions of tourists, this is impossible.

  2. Ed Boutilier says:

    You need to jump out far enough to clear the rocks below on this one. I’m not 20 anymore. There have been numerous drownings in swimming pools this year, how is the OPP going to solve that? Teaching people how to swim and about water safety would be far better than deploying officers

  3. Trisha says:

    We used to jump these cliffs all the time as kids. They’re actually called Echo Rock, Burnegie Bay is to the north, by Matonka’s Leap, another favourite spot to cliff jump. However with all the new cottage’s going up in the north end, there are fewer places to go adventuring like that. If you’re going to make the jump, keep your shoes on, while I haven’t heard of any major injuries or deaths, there have been many cases of people cutting their feet open when the hit the water.

    Cheers and great pics! Have you seen the ship wreck? Just off of Fraser Island, on the Blueberry Island side. Water has destroyed quite a bit of the wreck, but it’s still there, on a calm day you can see it, and if your brave enough, you can stand on the ribs!

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