15 Jul

The Boat Guy

During the recent Doors Open Ontario event we had the opportunity to meet renowned Muskoka boat builder Stan Hunter, aka “BoatGuy”.  Stan has been restoring and servicing some of the most prized antique and classic boats in the Muskoka area for decades. I have been told he is one of the best there is.

If you are ever interested in taking a classic Muskoka boat for a cruise, Stan also operates a business called Muskoka Launch Livery. He has a fleet of  famous Muskoka built Duke Playmates each with their own unique history. You can rent these beauties at Stan’s location on Hwy #118 between Port Carling and Milford Bay right on Lake Muskoka. The photo is of an 18 ft Shepherd in for servicing. Please click on the image for a larger photo.

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  1. Our paths cross again. Did you check out his boathouse? Quite different.

  2. Heather says:

    Those boats are such beauties…like old grand dames!


  3. Great to stumble upon this piece on my favourite boat guy. Right now he has a Seabird and a Duke Playmate in the shop. His rental site is http://www.muskokalaunchlivery.com and his boat guy site: http://www.stanhunter.ca

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