18 Jul

The Secret Lookout

This is a cool, private place on an Island in the Muskoka area that is no longer in use.  Its part of  Secret Muskoka where I am not allowed to reveal its location or a team of wild goats will drag me across the Torrence Barrens. There are not many abandoned places left on the big lakes. The waterfront real estate is so valuable and taxes so high that anyone owning property usually sells it or uses it for themselves.

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  1. ED! TELL!
    Oh man, I can’t STAND secrets… you can handle a trip through the Barrens, can’t you? Y’know, for an old pal you don’t even know?

  2. Jenn Jilks says:

    You know, Ed. I found a place near us like this, similarly abandoned. I’ll keep you posted… 🙂 Having fun living near Perth in our 25-yr. old house. Renos are starting. New deck, new roof, coming; new furnace last month. SIGH.

    But I loathe those places that are abandoned and left to rot. We found a couple, obviously the result of divorce, or foreign owners, with mold and blocked eaves. Truly sad.

  3. Heather says:

    This is an amazing spot…so sad it was abandoned!!!

  4. Jenn Jilks says:

    Here, as promised! abandoned , maybe a new development.

  5. Bill Harvey says:

    Your “Secret Lookout” brings back years of memories as I enjoyed it many times during the summers between 1958 and 1964. The only clue I will give, and hopefully not break your secrecy, is that it is on the “Land of Silver Birches” !!!!

  6. Bill says:

    What a amazing place. I have been exploring Muskoka for years and everytime I do I always find something interesting. The first time I went to Port Carling as I child I said this is the nicest place I’ve ever saw.

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