11 Jun

Who do you Love?

George Thorogood and the Destroyers were in at The Kee to Bala this past Saturday night and the house was a rock’n. Being a big music lover I like to visit the Kee at least once a season. Keeps us young, … hehe.  I will never forget seeing Lonesome George open for the Rolling Stones in front of 100,000 people in Rich Stadium back in the day. I guess I’m dating myself but good Rock n Roll doesn’t show up that often especially in cottage country. There are still a few other good bands coming to The Kee this year including 54-40 and David Wilcox.


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  1. HipKat says:

    I was at the Rich Stadium Concert in 1981. Thorogood, Journey & The Stones. I remember every minute of it, too.
    Thorogood coming out in the rain saying “We’re gonna boogie the rain back into the sky” and the sun coming out during his 2nd encore. Journey getting booed off stage after 9 songs, the stage backdrops shredded by the wind, people pushing on the stage, eternal waits between bands, and walking into the stadium with a bottle of Jack Daniels under my jean jacket.

  2. Ed Boutilier says:

    Today September 27th is the 31st anniversary. See my link below.
    I remember everything about that day as well. Don’t forget about the helicopters coming in during Journeys set. I think that’s what distracted the crowd causing Journey to walk of the stage. Everyone thinking that the Stones had arrived. I learned years later that the Stones were probably already there. There is video of George jamming with Ronnie Wood back stage and you can see Keef and Mick in the background. It was quite an event.

  3. Michael Strong says:

    Great shot’s here Ed!

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