04 Jun

6:32am Lake Rosseau

I’m usually an early riser except when you have certain individuals over the night before that put the hurt on you. One recent morning I had the bright idea to dash out on my trusty Seadoo at 6am to see if I could get a photo of a boathouse on Lake Rosseau that I have been trying to snag for over 2 years. I was too late! By the time I arrived it was saturated in intense sunlight. Oh well, another day. The effort was not entirely wasted and I managed to find a few subjects as I leisurely glided back to the cottage. Being out on the lake alone in the early morning is absolutely enchanting.

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  1. leslie says:

    I love being on the lake early morning. there is so much peace in the morning.

  2. James R says:

    Ed i know exactly what you mean i am usually up and out on the dock at 6:30 or earlier because most of the time that is when the lake is calm witch is great for photography or a great time to go take a phew casts and look at the scenery, but i also always find the sun always seems to be a problem at this time for boathouse photography, but sometimes in rare cases i can use that to my advantage,most of the time it is a pane tho. Either way you still got a great photograph from this trip. (JAMES)

  3. Zenon says:

    Awesome picture!!!! I would not mind having a wallpaper like this in my living room.

  4. Best time of the day to be on the water!

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