29 Apr

Come Hell or High Water

Here are a few phone camera pics of the high water levels around Muskoka. The first photo is from my friend Cheryl who received it from her friend Lynn. It is taken down stream on the Moon River in Bala where reports of the water levels have hit up to 9 feet high. Check out the boat port roof in the photo – insane!

The other two photos were taken in Bracebridge recently where the water is so powerful it cascades over-top of the damn. Lake Muskoka docks and boathouses are flooded out as well as Lake Joe and Lake Rosseau. Some of the smaller lakes have had high water levels but seem to be recovering faster than the big lakes.




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  1. Jenn Jilks says:

    The power of the water is amazing at the falls. Meantime, we’re high and dry and bear just ambled by crossing our backyard at the bear crossing sign!

  2. James R says:

    wow 9 feet over usual levels now, its up more since i last heard about it. i cant imagine all the damage done to all the boathouses and lower lying cottages and homes, old and new. i am afraid to go back up there because i may find that our place and allot of my favorite places are destroyed and damaged. we have flooding in my area but now that i see this i feel like ours is a rain puddle in comparison.

  3. Jane says:

    Wow…those poor Moon River owners. We’re on Lake Muskoka near Bala, and are the only ones of our 25 island neighbours whose dock and boathouse is still above water (barely). Some neighbours’ docks have floated off the cribbing, as has the township’s landing dock at the end of Weismiller St,

    A beautiful SeaDoo paddle boat floated down the lake, and one of my neighbours pulled it ashore where it awaits being claimed by the owners. The losses due to this flooding are going to be endless.

  4. Nina says:

    The snow melt, rain and lake ice going out all happened very quickly and caused damage on our small lake that we’ve never seen before. Many docks moved from their cribs etc. Our floating dock ended up on land etc. Luckily our lake level has receded nicely. I can’t imagine how much damage has been done on the big lakes and rivers .. and not covered by insurance. So sad for those affected by the water damage.

  5. Diane J says:

    We are in the middle of Lake Muskoka and have seen a 1 1/2 foot rise in the water level this spring, the first in 30 years. Thank heavens we put in a steel dock some years back, or we would have lost the entire dock this year. We also tied off the small boats to pillars last fall so only lost oars, paddles, etc… A neighbour’s sail boat and part dock went floating by on the weekend.. We feel so badly for the damage to many cottagers – could this be a future pattern?

  6. janet gray says:

    did anyone find a three year new dock 12 ft by 14 ft. It was washed away in the flood.
    Cottage is in dark bay on lake muskoka near Torrance??

  7. Marion V. says:

    What beautiful pictures! Thank you so much for sharing these photos of Muskoka, especially the Bala Falls. I don’t live in Bala, but do have a cottage in the area and family in Gravenhurst and always loved the town of Bala.

    I very much hope that the effort to save the Bala Falls is successful. We have very few places in Canada to compare with this, and I do believe they should be treasured and protected. (if I had the power, I would make Muskoka a national park.) Also, buildings such as the stone church cannot be replaced: I understand it would not be able to withstand the blasting if the generating station goes ahead.

    Best wishes to the folks in Bala in their persistent battle to save the Falls to share with the world.

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