21 May
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I don’t have any cat rescuing children videos or cutsie dog pics however I do have this little fellow who whacked his noggin on the cottage window. I have been told that its a adult male Black-Throated Green Warbler. The poor guy didn’t make it.

Speaking of dead…. I spent the long weekend at the cottage and noticed that many places were still closed. As I drove into Port Carling Friday afternoon I noticed shops with the winter boards still on their windows. On Saturday I thought it would be a good idea to book dinner at the new Medora restaurant (formerly Rebecca’s) – nope – closed. Later in the day I drove by Clevelands House – A huge resort, closed. (Apparently they had roof damage from the heavy snow loads this winter) The local bakery – Closed.

Ok so I went by a local marina thinking surely it would be bustling with people gassing up and getting their boats. Nope – not a soul around, deadsville! We are talking about the Victoria Day long weekend, the May-two-four, the weekend that kicks off the summer season in Canada. I suppose it is the late spring, cold weather and high water levels that killed everything? I try not to be influenced by these sort of things and keep rolling along but it is an interesting observation. Umm welcome back – kinda.


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  1. Dave says:

    That sucks for the little guy. Great blog btw. We were out on Simcoe between Georgina island on the long weekend, probably spotted 3 boats. That’s it.

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