08 Jul

Lake Rosseau from the Side of the Road

The sun was dropping below the horizon and I jumped out of the truck on my way back from Rosseau to grab one last shot. I like to take photos from the side of the road to give those that are passing through a perspective of Muskoka.


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  1. Barb Reynolds says:

    Looks a lot like Sucker Bay – or as the locals liked to refer to it as Sunset Bay — no suckers in Sucker Bay! But if that’s the sunset we’re looking the wrong direction, unless it’s a reflection of the sunset in the eastern sky..

    We used to have a slalom course set up here for a number of years. Always the best spot for water skiing, before all the cottages were built up. There were maybe 5 cottages along the far end NE shoreline for the longest time.

    30 years of fond memories from just around the mouth on Morgan Bay!!

  2. Ed Boutilier says:

    Hi Barb,
    I believe you have the location correct. It is the east side of the road. Perhaps if I got up early enough I could capture a sunrise at this location. 😎

  3. Barb Reynolds says:

    They say a photographer’s best friend is an alarm clock!! —

  4. Don Smith says:

    That is Sucker Bay. I drive past it often on the way into Rosseau. I do need to stop and take a photo sometime.

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