05 Oct

Purks Place in Bala another Muskoka landmark slated for teardown

Their motto is Boats and Bait since 1908. Purks Place is a Muskoka landmark located on Burgess Island at the Bala Falls in Bala, Ontario. It appears Purk’s will be no more. In the near future a hydro electric power plant is slated to be built in its place. Some of the locals have been in opposition to this and have setup a website savethebalafalls.com

Interesting article by local Bala author and musician Jack Hutton. Who Cares About Purks’s Place?

Purks Place Muskoka Canada

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  1. Bala Falls says:

    Two groups have emerged in opposition to the plan to build a powerhouse between the two flows at Bala Falls

    Both groups need your financial support. Each group must create a reply to the Environmental Screening report which is expected sometime this year…. These groups and other members of public will have 30 days after the report is released to express why the current proposal should be subject to an Environment Assessment. Legal, Engineering and other costs will be high. Those in opposition to the current proposal should give generously to help these groups carry out their objectives.

    Bala Falls Community Association is dedicated to stopping the destruction planned at Bala Falls. Their mission is to inform and unite people and build a credible organization that will challenge the provincial government to amend its questionable site release policies and to find a less invasive alternate for the current powerhouse proposal at Bala.

    Also dedicated to stopping the proposed project is “Savethebalafalls.com” formed with the objective and goal of SOLELY halting the project. No ifs, buts, howevers, or alternatives have any part of its strategy. Details of their strategy may be found on their website?

    Bala Falls Community Association is seeking members who are concerned about “going all in” with a plan that’s ALL or NOTHING against a very determined provincial Government and power company.

    Part of the Bala Falls Community Association strategy is to convince the government to look underneath the Bala Falls Road bridge, in the south falls, to find a renewable energy solution. It is felt that this alternative will protect the existing character and tourism value of the north falls. This is not an easy task. You can help by clicking the share button at top right corner and distributing this message to your friends and family.

    Join the cause! Send in your membership! Share with your Friends and Family!

    Join the cause: http://apps.facebook.com/causes/127268?recruiter_id=21754433

  2. Jenn Jilks says:

    This building is falling apart! There are dead pine needles on the roof, and it looks as if it could be leaking. Shameful treatment of such a building. That said, time to tear it down, or repair it!

  3. Martin says:

    The good news would hopefully be that the undelightful Purks family would not be there, hopefully these people would not be running a shop again as they don’t know how to talk to people. I hope I never go in that shop again

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