24 Sep

The Last Boat Standing

The sun was dropping rapidly as we approached Gravenhurst after spending 12 hours on-board the Segwun steamship during The 100 Mile Cruise. Hundreds of beautiful heritage boats followed us on our journey this day and now at the duration there was one last boat tracking us on the final journey. It was the Edith II a 26 ft. Fay & Bowden circa 1905, recently brought back to life by Dukes in Port Carling. As the Edith II ran up beside us I was surprised to see my friend and infamous Muskoka photographer Bev McMullen shooting us as we waved frantically. Well, what to do but grab the camera and shoot back.

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17 Sep

Muskoka Kangaroo Crossing

A couple of weeks ago we had some friends from the city over for the weekend. After they settled in we became immersed in conversation while enjoying a few cocktails on the dock.  Then came the question, “what’s with the kangaroos?” Kangaroos – I said with a chuckle, what do you mean?  They explained that they noticed a kangaroo sign just down the road. No, no that’s a deer sign, they are all over the place I told them. Nope! – we saw a kangaroo sign! The next day as we are traveling together sure enough they point out this kangaroo sign on the side of the road. When we  arrived back at the cottage the following week it had disappeared.


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11 Sep


I pass by Wawina en route to one of my favorite swimming holes on Lake Rosseau. I haven’t been able to find any information with regards to the history of this place.  Please click on the photo for a larger shot.

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05 Sep
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You Got Me All Tied Up In Knots

A tugboat at the Parry Sound town dock

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