29 Apr

Come Hell or High Water

Here are a few phone camera pics of the high water levels around Muskoka. The first photo is from my friend Cheryl who received it from her friend Lynn. It is taken down stream on the Moon River in Bala where reports of the water levels have hit up to 9 feet high. Check out the boat port roof in the photo – insane!

The other two photos were taken in Bracebridge recently where the water is so powerful it cascades over-top of the damn. Lake Muskoka docks and boathouses are flooded out as well as Lake Joe and Lake Rosseau. Some of the smaller lakes have had high water levels but seem to be recovering faster than the big lakes.




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21 Apr

Dangerous Spring Runoffs in Muskoka

The recent rain combined with the melting snow and ice has caused extreme flooding especially around rivers such as the north and south branches of the Muskoka river. The water is now exceeding the capacity of the dams in the Huntsville area.  Many road closures and evacuations are taking place. Water levels are up very high on the big three lakes so you may want to have someone check on your cottage and docks. Here is a video taken  around Bracebridge that shows the massive volumes of water. thanks to districtmediadesign.

More information here: http://www.cottagecountrynow.ca/

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12 Apr

Derek Roy’s Muskoka Shack

Lots of people like to know who’s who around Muskoka. I guess It’s natural human curiosity. I don’t like to “out” the celebs or people of distinction who enjoy their privacy and anonymity here.  In this case hockey player Derek Roy’s story is in the public domain. He seems like a very cool guy having built a beautiful cottage for his friends and family to enjoy.

Part #2 – love the goalie in the tube with full gear – LOL

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03 Apr

Easter Weekend Freeze-Out

I was up at the cottage for Easter and found that winter still exists in Muskoka. Two hours south in the Toronto area most of the snow has disappeared meanwhile snowmobiles are still buzzing across the lake up north. I chopped a hole through the ice to try and free a frozen bubbler and was surprised to see the ice is still about 8 inches thick. I predict the ice will leave about April 23?

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