25 Feb
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They Run a Tight Ship

I traveled through the town of Gravenhurst this past weekend stumbling upon their annual Winter Carnival festivities. There wasn’t much happening around the Steamships so I decided to take a walk and snap a few pics around the area.


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18 Feb

Willmotts General Store

This is Willmotts General Store located in the Beaumaris area of Muskoka.  Beaumaris is located on Tondern Island which you simply drive over a bridge to get to.

From Wikipedia:  In 1873 McCarthy sold the island to Edward Prowse and John Harry Willmott for $1,560. The two divided the island in half with Willmott taking the northern and Prowse the southern half. The new owners named the settlement Beaumaris after the resort in Anglesey, Wales where they had vacationed. Prowse settled in the big white house while Willmott built a log house next to the site of the present day Willmott store. They cleared part of the land for pasture, built a dock for the newly arrived steamships and connected the island to the mainland by a small log bridge.

Willmotts Store

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07 Feb

The Lonely Chip Wagon

Are chip wagons & trucks a Canadian phenomenon? I don’t recall seeing them anywhere else in my travels around the globe, although I did see a cupcake and  goats head soup trailer once. I notice in the summer the various chip trucks around Muskoka can be lined up with people salivating for fries or the famous artery clogging Poutine. This particular cuisine trailer is located on Hwy #118 as you leave Port Carling heading towards Bracebridge. Gravy on your fries?
Please click the photo to supersize.

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